Help Information


Welcome to the summer school registration system. This system helps parents manage their child's summer school enrollment.
In this system you will:

  • Register an account (username/password)
  • Add Students
  • Enroll students in summer school courses
  • Receive your student's schedule

In order to facilitate this and make things easier for you, we implement some constraints:

  • We require that you agree to our terms of use
  • We require certain contact information from you
  • We limit classes based on your child's age and/or grade level
  • Enrollments are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once a class fills, it will no longer appear on your enrollment screen. 

Process Overview

How to use the system

The system is designed for you to "click around." With the exception of adding and dropping classes, there is really nothing you can do that will "harm" anything. So please feel free to explore all the links and buttons in the system.

One very important note: when filling out a web-form, the information you have typed is not saved until you click "Submit."  This system has a timeout that lasts about 30 minutes (if you are idle for 30 minutes, the system will log you out).  

Please remember your login and password after you have created it!

The system has a very basic layout. On the left is the Menu bar containing links to Parent Info, Student Info, Signups, Pay, and Verify Schedule.  

As you complete each step, there will be a green checkmark indicating you have completed that step.  After you have entered all of your students' info, you will need to click on the Student Info button on the left to make the green checkmark appear.  The last step (payment) will be indicated as complete once your payment has been received by the Summer School Office and noted on your account.  If you have any questions, just contact the Summer School Office at 608-743-5042.

You can always go between the different buttons if you wish to update some information.

Steps 1 through 5 in detail

Step 1 -- Parent Information.  Click the "Create Account" link from the home page.  This creates an account (username/password) in the system.  Save the username and password you create as you will need it later!  You will be prompted for information about you (name, address phone number of YOU, not your students), fill in the requested information and click "Submit".  This will automatically take you to "Step 2".  If at any time you need to change your information, click "Step 1" from the completion status bar.

Step 2 -- Student Information - Click the “Add a Student” button, and fill in your Infinite Campus Student ID Number and date of birth (Month and day), click “Add New Student”.  You will be asked to verify your student by clicking “Yes” or “No”.  You will then have an opportunity to add any necessary health concerns (if applicable), click “Submit”.  Student ID Numbers are found in your student's Infinite Campus account.  Unable to login?  Please contact your school's secretary.
The data provided under “Parent Information” will be used to contact you for summer school related communication.  You will also be the first point of contact in the case of an emergency.  Be sure to add at least one additional emergency contact for your student by clicking “Add an Emergency Contact”, complete emergency contact information, click “Submit”.   NOTE:  You can attach emergency contacts to one or all of your students.
If you have additional students to add, repeat Step 2 for each student (Click “Add Student”).

All out-of-district students will need to obtain a Student ID Number in order to complete the registration process. 
To obtain a student ID number for your out-of-district student, please email the following information to  :

Student's Full First and Last Name
Student’s Date of Birth (month, day, year)
Student’s Gender
Student’s Current Grade
Student’s Current School and District

If you have multiple students to register, you will need to provide this information for each student.  If you do not provide all of the above information, a Student ID Number cannot be created for your student.
You will receive an email response within 48 hours with your student’s ID Number and will then be able to complete the online registration and enrollment process.  You will not be able to complete the online registration and enrollment process without a Student ID Number.  Once you have obtained your Student ID Number(s) you will then be able to complete Steps 1 through 5 .

Step 3 -- Course Enrollment.  Once you have a registered a student, you can then enroll the student for a course or courses (providing that the enrollment date has arrived).  If you click the  the "add/drop classes" and no activities appear, either all the classes are full (unlikely) or now is not the active enrollment period.  The School District of Janesville enrollment dates are April 5 - June 7th.  Be sure to come back to this system to enroll for courses if you are only completing the registration process at this time.

You will need your Username and Password to login and enroll into courses.

Step 4 -- Verify Enrollment.  Verify the courses you have enrolled your students.  If everything looks good, click the "Continue to Payment" link, otherwise you can return to "Course Enrollments".

Step 5 -- Payment.  Once enrollment is finalized (adding/dropping courses is complete), you can submit your payment (if applicable) of check or cash to the Summer School Office located at 527 South Franklin Street, Janesville, WI  53548-4779.