Help Information

For help or questions regarding registration or course, please contact Nancy at or 835-4040.
Welcome to the summer school registration system. This system helps parents, teachers and administrative staff manage summer school enrollment. In this system you will:
  • Register an account (username/password)
  • Add Students
  • Enroll students in summer school classes and activities
  • Manage payment options and get a copy of your schedule
In order to facilitate this and make things easier for you, we implement some constraints:
  • We require that you agree to our terms of use
  • We require certain contact information from you
  • We limit classes based on your child's age and/or grade level
  • Enrollments are on a first-come, first-served basis. Once a class fills, it will no longer appear on your enrollment screen.
In addition to these, the school district will impose its own refund policy and deadlines for enrollment requests.
Process Overview
We recognize that not everyone types equally fast or navigates the system in the same way.  For this reason, our process is split into two major phases:
Phase 1: Filling out forms and browsing
Phase 2: Sign-up for classes and payment
These phases occur at different times on purpose.  Phase one begins on March 15th  at 6pm.  You can fill out all the forms (names, addresses, phone numbers) and browse our courses here online. We ask that you type in only one registration per family.  We also ask that when it's time to pick classes, you choose a class for only 1 time slot.  (For example, do not choose 3 Tennis classes, only to drop 2 and give them to friends.)
Phase two begins at 6:00 P.M. on Thursday, April 18th.  You will need to return to the system at that time in order to add your students to classes. 
Once you have finalized your choices, go ahead and use the online payment system to pay for the classes you have selected.
Some people ask if they can just do it all at once on April 18th: sure you can! However be aware that if you do not go in ahead of time to do the basic data entry, some classes may fill by the time you reach the signup screens.
How to use the system
The system is designed for you to "click around." With the exception of adding and dropping classes, there is really nothing you can do that will "harm" anything. So please feel free to explore all the links and buttons in the system.
One very important note: when filling out a web-form, the information you have typed is not saved until you click "Submit."  This system has a timeout that lasts about 30 minutes (if you are idle for 30 minutes, it will log you out.)  So try to arrange for a time with little to no interruption, as a fellow parent, I know that is often easier said than done.  That being said, the system will save your progress between steps.  So if you do get interrupted, it's okay you can pickup where you left off, just remember that login and password!
The system has a very basic layout.  At the top is the Menu bar containing links to Home, Help, Logout etc.. as you have already seen.  Once you log in to the system, another bar will appear beneath that which indicates your progress in the system.

As you complete each step, the will change to indicating you have completed that step.  The last step (payment) is finicky, so if you have paid in full and it is still red, just click it again!  If it persists beyond that, as with all questions, just contact the system administrator.
If at any point you do something that would make your progress incomplete (such as adding another student) these indicators should turn red again, however under some circumstances they may not.  Conversely, there are some circumstances under which they are still red (like you cannot find any courses for one of your students) but you wish to finalize your registration.
That is okay too!  Just click into step 4 to verify what you have selected, and if it looks good, then click the "Continue to Payment" link that appears there, this will tell the system that you are satisfied with your selections.  Below is a more detailed explanation of the steps.
Steps 1 through 5 in detail
Step 1. -- Parent Information.  Click the register link from the home page.  This creates an account (username/password) in the system.  Save the username and password you create as you will need it later!  You will be prompted for information about you (name, address phone number of YOU, not your students), fill that out and click Submit.  This will automatically take you to step 2.  If at any time you need to change your information, click Step 1 from the completion status bar.

Step 2. -- Student Information.  Once registered, click the Add a student link.  This is where you will enter that student's Infinite Campus Student ID and their month/day of birth. Click on Add a new student. 

Contact Nancy at if - 
*  You need your child's Infinite Campus number. 
*  Your child does not have a number.  We will need their first and last name, date of birth, current grade level and if you live in the Oregon School District. 

This page will say: STUDENT FOUND (CHILD'S NAME) IS THIS CORRECT? You click on either YES or NO.

Look over this child's information and make sure their date of birth and grade level are correct.  Please use the student’s current grade level when choosing classes.  If you child is a 3rd grader right now, only classes that a 3rd grade can take will show up.  Also add a T-shirt size and any health concerns. Then submit

Repeat this process if you want to register other children in your family.

Click on Emergency Contact and fill that out.
The data you provide will be used to contact you for summer school related communication.  You will always be the first point of contact in the case of an emergency.  Be sure to add at least one emergency contact for your students.  You can attach your emergency contacts to one or all of the students you add.
Step 3. -- Class Signups.  Once you have a student record created, you can sign them up for classes provided now is the signup window. If you click the "add/drop classes" and no activities appear, either all the classes are full (unlikely) or now is not the active enrollment period. Your school district will publish their signup window dates and times on their website, so be sure to come back to this system during that time to put your children in the activities you desire.
If you complete Steps 1 and 2 during the first phase, there will not be any classes to signup for.  You are done for now!  You can browse courses by clicking the browse link on the home screen or you can simply come back when class signups begin.
Step 4. -- Verify Signups.  Verify the classes you have selected for each child.  If everything looks good, continue to payment, otherwise you can return to class signups.
Step 5. -- Payment.  Once enrolled, you can send in your payment (make sure you are finalized with adding/dropping before sending in your payment.) Some districts allow online payments. If you pay online the system should get a confirmation of it immediately. If you pay online and it appears successful in e-Funds, but our system does not reflect that -- don't worry. Simply wait or contact the system administrator with your confirmation number from your transaction.  More information about the online payment system is below.

Regarding Online Payments
We have partnered with e-Funds for Schools for online payments.  This works similar to other online merchants, once you have selected your classes and have an amount to pay, a link will appear to pay via e-Funds.  If you do not have an e-Funds account, when you click the link to pay, there is an opportunity to register an account with them.  For your own security, do NOT use the same username and password you are using for this system.
Once you have an e-Funds account created, you can add your checking account information or a credit card to process online payments.  They have a detailed setup guide on their site that you can consult if you run into any issues.  Once that is complete, the amount you owe should still be there waiting in your session and you can submit your payment.  If successful, you will get a confirmation number from them and our system will get notified the payment was successful.  After 20 seconds or by clicking the link provided, you will be auto-redirected here to the summer school system where your payment should screen should now reflect the successful status of the transaction.
In terms of security: the summer school program and staff does not have access to the information you supply to e-Funds, all we get is a confirmation back if your payment was successful or not.  In terms of their security: their data center meets PCI/DSS requirements for credit card services and is rated as a Level 1 service provider.  They also meet or exceed NACHA requirements for ACH transaction processing.
We hope you enjoy using the online registration system, if you ever need assistance please do not hesitate to contact the summer school administrators.