Help Information


Welcome to the summer school registration system. Starting this year, you must "register", preferably with a valid email address.  Please keep your login information in a safe place and you will be able to use this login at any time to enter the system. This system helps parents, teachers and administrative staff manage summer school enrollment. In this system you will:

  • Register an account (email address/username/password)
  • Add Students (need your student's ID # and their birthdate)
  • Enroll students in summer school classes and activities (Signups)
  • Manage payment options and print a copy of your schedule

In order to facilitate this and make things easier for you, we implement some constraints:

  • We require that you agree to our terms of use
  • We limit classes based on your child's age and/or grade level
  • Enrollments are on a first-come, first-served basis. Once a class fills, it will no longer appear on your enrollment screen, however, you can add your student to the "Interest List" for that class.

In addition to these, the school district will impose its own refund policy and the deadline for enrollment requests is May 5, 2017.

How to use the system

The system is designed for you to "click around." With the exception of adding and dropping classes, there is really nothing you can do that will "harm" anything. So please feel free to explore all the links and buttons in the system.

One very important note: when filling out the registration, the information you have typed is not saved until you click "Submit". This system has a timeout that last about 30 minutes (if you are idle for 30 minutes, it will log you out). Try to arrange for a time with little or no interruptions. That being said, the system will save your progress between steps, so if you were interrupted and the system logged you out, you can log in again and pick up where you left off.

STEPS 1 through 5 in detail

This is listed on the left side of the screen.

Step 1:  Parent or Guardian Information - Click the register link from the home page. This created an account (email address/username/password) in the system. Save the username and password. Complete the information about you (name, address, and phone number), then Submit.

Step 2:  Student Information

    • Add student and fill in their student ID and birthdate. This will allow the system to download the information that we have in Infinite Campus. If your child is not in Infinite Campus, please be sure to register them at the District Office.
    • If you have additional students to add, click add a student and so on.
Step 3:  Signups
    • Click the Add or Drop Classes. Classes will be listed that are available to your child depending on their grade level and availability. If you click the Add or Drop Classes and no classes appear, either all the classes are full or it may not be the active window of time to register. We will post the signup dates and time on our website. You can return to complete once that window is open.
    • You can pre-register, but note that until the window is opened you will not see any classes that are available. You can look at our catalog online on our website for Summer School 2017.
Step 4:  Verify Class Signups
    • Verify the classes that you registered for each child. If everything looks good, you will be routed to Transportation.
Verify Transportation Options - Please be sure to request bus service at this time, we must have this information to send to our bus company to create summer school routes for students who qualify. You must register for classes and transportation no later than May 5, 2017.
    • change the preference below or
    • continue to next step
Step 5:  Pay - Once enrolled, you can send in your payment (make sure you are finalized with adding/dropping before sending your payment). If you are not sure you are done you may return again to look it over prior to May 5, 2017 and send payment. If you pay online and it appears successful in e-Funds, but our system does not reflect that immediately, don't worry; it takes a couple of days to process back to our system. Do Not Click more then ONCE to send.
    • Pay online
    • Pay by check
Regarding Online Payments

We have partnered with e-Funds for Schools for online payments. This works similar to other online merchants, once you have selected your classes and you are complete, you continue to Pay. Click on the link to pay via e-Funds. If you do not have an e-Funds account, you will register with them.  For your own security, do NOT use the same username and password you are using for this system.

Once you have an e-Funds account created, you can add your checking account information or a credit card to process online payments. They have a detailed setup guide on their site that you can consult if you run into any issues. Once that is complete, you can submit your payment. If successful, you will get a confirmation number from them and our system will get notified the payment was successful. This may take a couple of days to be reflected in our registration system.

In terms of security: the summer school program and staff does not have access to the information you supple to e-Funds, all we get is a confirmation back if your payment was successful or not. In terms of their security: their data center meets PCI/DSS requirements for credit card services and is rated as a Level 1 service provider. They also meet or exceed NACHA requirements for ACH transaction processing.