Course and Section Information

Course NameIntro to Martial Arts
Section NameCRA628
SchoolCraig High School
Materials Fee0.00
DatesJul 8 - Jul 19
Times1:30 PM - 2:15 PM

Course Description

This introduction to the martial arts will expose participants to the physical fitness, focus, confi-dence, and perseverance involved in martial arts. Martial Arts has been shown to help children with concentration, self confidence, and dealing with bullying. Students can expect to be challenged both physically and mentally while being exposed to basic movements involved in various styles of the arts. The history of the arts and modern applications will be studied (age appropriate) as well as the use of traditional japenese kobudu or weapons. Self defense will be incorporated into the curriculum but *contact between students will be limited. On the final day of class, family and friends are invited to come observe student performances. *THERE WILL BE NO SPARRING/FIGHTING AND AGGRESSIVE CONTACT WILL NOT BE ALLOWED. 

*Session 2 is the same as Session 1. Students should not sign up for both sessions.

REQUIREMENTS:  Fall 2019 -  Grades 2-8