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I grant permission for the following:

My child may go on walking field trips with his/her registered classes. 

My child may participate in running/biking activities with his/her registered class.

My child may be transported by school bus or school van to locations where classes are being held (for example: State and Local Parks, Zoo, etc.) and may participate in all activities in his/her registered classes.

Sharing of my child's medical information with summer school staff, bus drivers and emergency transport if needed.

I understand Summer School Fee Refunds:

For Summer School Activities, refunds will be issued if the request is made 3 weeks before the class start date.

The refund will be added to your child's lunch account in September.  If a check refund is required it will also be issued in September. Exceptions for refunds are made for families experiencing family emergency or health/medical situations.

I understand and am aware that the School District of Belleville does not carry insurance on program participants and I hereby waive the School District of Belleville of any liability.